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Phase 5 of the trail coming in 2025!

Phase 5 FAQ

Where will the trail go?

Phase 5 will connect the Talawanda High School to Talawanda Middle School.

It will cross the railroad over a bridge just south of Peffer Park, travel west, behind Gardenia Drive, across Kehr Rd, through Cobblestone Church property, and continue on behind Dana Dr connecting at Phase 4 just south of Dana Dr.

It will also connect up to Chestnut Street from Silverleaf Dr.

Note:  In response to public comment, we have asked our consultants to price an alternate alignment around the Silverleaf connection.  Continue to check here for updates on this research.

How long will this segment of trail be?

The East West portion will be: 9,018 feet or 1.71 miles

The North South portion will be: 3,551 feet or 0.67 miles

Will there be parking at the new trailheads?

The new trail heads are meant to be primarily for access to residents in the area to gain access via walking or cycling.  There  will not be new parking spots in the trailhead locations.  Primary trail access will continue to be from City and University park locations: Peffer Park, DeWitt Parking, Oxford Community Park, etc.

When will this trail be constructed?

It is scheduled to be constructed in 2025.

How much will it cost and how is it funded?

This segment of trail is estimated to cost approximately $5M.

This segment of trail is paid for by a $2.7M grant through the Surface Transportation Block Grant through OKI Regional Council of Governments. The remaining amount will come from the Oxford Area Trail levy and future grants that are pending.

How far will the trail be from a residential backyard?

At a minimum the trail will be 15’ from a residential property line.

What type of screening or barrier will there be between the trail and a residential backyard?

There will be a 10’ wide barrier, then a 5’ wide landscaping barrier that will have new trees and native plantings.  This area will be maintained by the City of Oxford staff.


There are water drainage issues behind Gardenia Dr.  Will this trail make it worse?

The construction of this trail is expected to remedy many of the water drainage issues on the field adjacent to Gardenia Dr.

How will safety be managed?

The City of Oxford Division of Police and Miami University Police Department currently monitor the trail. In 2024, the City of Oxford will be purchasing a utility vehicle to allow for greater mobility and ease in monitoring the trail.  

How will the trail be maintained?

A portion of the levy funds are used for the care and upkeep of the trail system. The City of Oxford Service Department currently cares for the trail system by mowing, clearing limbs, removing litter and waste. 

In the future, we may begin a trail advocates program with volunteers to assist with litter removal and to alert City staff of trail maintenance needs.



2023-11-21 OATS Phase V Public Involvement - Council
Download PDF • 29.56MB


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