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Public Comment Welcome for Phase 3: Peffer Park to Talawanda High School

Proposed Peffer Park Trail Public Notice

We invite you to share a public comment about this proposed phase 3 segment of the Oxford Area Trail that will travel from Peffer Park to the Talawanda High School. Construction is planned to begin in 2022 and continue into 2023. Public Comments are due October 7, 2021, and can be sent to

The City of Oxford, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), proposes to install a 10-foot wide shared use path in two, non-contiguous segments, referred to as Coal Ash Trail and Peffer Park Trail. These two segments are part of the Oxford Area Trails (OATS). Coal Ash Trail extends from Bonham Road south to SR-73 and involves paving an existing gravel trail. Peffer Park Trail extends from Peffer Park south to University Park Boulevard. Peffer Park Trail involves the construction of a new trail, the southern portion of which will extend through a portion of the disc golf course on Talawanda High School Property. The City of Oxford coordinated with Talawanda School District personnel on the trail location.

To facilitate construction activities, a 45-foot wide permanent easement extending 370 feet from the northwestern property boundary to University Park Drive will be required from Talawanda High School property. The proposed trail within high school property will include the installation of a culvert for stormwater management. Access to the high school will be maintained throughout Peffer Park Trail construction activities, which are anticipated to occur between June 2022 and December 2023. However, construction activities that utilize University Park Boulevard on high school property are permitted only in the summer months between June 1 and August 15.

The Talawanda High School disc golf course is a recognized recreational property and is provided protection from adverse impacts associated with federal-aid transportation projects.

The City of Oxford consulted with the Talawanda School District in regard to project impacts and received concurrence that the project will not adversely affect the recreational activities, features or attributes that qualify the property for protection. The following measures to minimize harm are being implemented as part of the project:

  • The contractor shall perform all construction that utilizes access at University Park Boulevard to Talawanda High School in the summer between June 1 and August 15. Any construction activities that utilize University Park Boulevard to Talawanda High School are prohibited between August 16 and May 31 without prior approval from the City of Oxford and the Talawanda School District.

  • Temporary construction fencing shall be installed along proposed construction limits prior to the start of construction activities to protect the Section 4(f) property and the public.

  • Appropriate signage shall be installed to alert users of construction activities within Talawanda High School property.

  • The contractor shall closely coordinate the construction schedule with ODOT, the City of Oxford, and Talawanda School District prior to the start of construction activities.

Due to the permanent acquisition of land from Talawanda High School, the City of Oxford is seeking public input regarding the proposed impacts. Please provide comments to Scott Otto at the City of Oxford at Comments must be received by October 7, 2021.


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