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15 Ways to Celebrate the Great Outdoor Weekend in Oxford

Greater Cincinnati is celebrating the “Great Outdoor Weekend” on September 25 and 26 - and you can too! To learn more about all the *official* events, check out the Event Calendar.

But, you don’t have to drive all the way to Cincinnati to enjoy the Great Outdoors, we have plenty to offer right here in Oxford! Keep on reading for 15 ways you can celebrate and get outside this weekend!

1. Take a walk, a run, or a bike ride along the Oxford Area Trails (OATS)

Check out the trail map, locate the trailheads, and start your adventure at OATS.

2. Play an old fashioned game of kickball (or baseball and softball!) at the Oxford Community


Click here to learn more about what the Community Park has to offer and how to reserve

the ball diamonds if needed. (Reservations are recommended for birthday parties, family

reunions, etc.).

3. Get up close and personal with nature on a hike along the Miami University Natural Area Trails

Explore 9 different trails, 17 miles combined, and design a hike that fits your needs! Learn

4. Have some fun in the sun at the sand volleyball courts at the Community Park

Although we don’t have a beach here in Oxford, sand volleyball is the next best thing! Bring

some friends and a ball and play a game. Learn more about the Community Park here.

5. Peruse the Farmer’s Market or have a picnic in Oxford’s Uptown Park

Visit the Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 9:00am - 12:00pm and pick up some baked

goods, vegetables, fruit, meat, and even some artisan goods! To learn more about the

Farmers Market, click here, to learn more about the Uptown Parks, click here.

6. Try out a new sport, or revisit an old favorite, by checking out Miami University’s disc golf course

Check out the map and download a scorecard here.

7. Take a break from your hike and go bird watching!

If you’re walking along the OATS between Leonard Howell Park and DeWitt Homestead

Park, stop at the Bird Viewing Station! There have been over 120 bird species sighted

throughout the Miami Natural Areas, so keep your eyes peeled for something cool!

Click here to learn more and view the trail map with the exact location.

8. Challenge your friends and family to a friendly pickleball (or tennis) match on the newly

renovated courts at the TRI Community Center

Learn more about the courts here.

9. Stop and smell the roses - or at least some other flowers - at the Formal Gardens on Miami

University’s campus

Hang up a hammock, have a picnic, or just take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful

flowers blooming throughout the garden. To learn more visit Formal Gardens.

10. Put on your rain boots and go creeking up Collins Creek

Collins Creek flows through the edge of Peffer Park, so the OATS Peffer Park trailhead is a

great place to start. Follow the Creek to see where glaciers once existed and moved

through - you may even find a fossil or two! Locate Peffer Park here.

11. Try out a brand new game, on a brand new field, at the Multi-Sports Field at Leonard Howell Park!

At the multi-sports field, you choose your equipment (frisbee, football, tennis ball and

racket, soccer ball, or baseball/softball) and move around the circle, alternating starting

points. Challenge yourself or 20 friends to an exciting challenge of strength and accuracy.

As of now, Oxford is the only place in the country to have such a field! To read the rules,

learn more about the field, and download a score card click here.

12. Find your Zen with some yoga in the park on Saturday morning

This Saturday, September 25, is the last day of the season to enjoy a free yoga class in the

Uptown Parks Pavilion from 9:00am - 10:00am. Be sure to bring your own yoga mat and

some water!

13. Break out the knee pads and helmet and give the skate park a whirl!

Whether you’re an advanced skater or just starting out, the skate park at the TRI

Community Center has plenty of space and ramps to practice. Bring your board or roller

skates and give it a try! Learn more about the skate park here.

14. Swings, slides, monkey bars - what can be more fun than that? Take your family to one

(or all) of Oxford’s playgrounds throughout the City

15. Combine your appreciation of nature with a celebration of Oxford’s history and take a self-guided tour through the City

Whether you want to celebrate Oxford’s Black History, the University Historic District, the

Uptown Historic District, or Oxford’s Western College - Enjoy Oxford has a walking tour for

you! Check out the self-guided tour options here.


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